Weak Nouns ending in -e

e.g. (der Kunde - customer)

Singular Plural
Nominative Kunde Kunden
Accusative Kunden Kunden
Genitive Kunden Kunden
Dative Kunden Kunden

Other nouns declined this way:

der Bote - messenger
der Falke - falcon
der Held - hero
der Junge - boy
der Kollege - colleague
der Ochse - ox
der Rabe - raven
der Riese - giant
der Russe - Russian

A small subset of nouns in this class are declined in the same way except that they take an -ns ending in the genitive singular

e.g. (der Name - name)

Singular Plural
Nominative Name Namen
Accusative Namen Namen
Genitive Namens Namen
Dative Namen Namen

There are only a handful of nouns declined this way in contemporary German. The only ones encountered with any frequency are the following:

der Buchstabe - letter (of the alphabet)
der Gedanke - thought
der Glaube - belief, faith
der Name - name
der Wille - will

The following are also occasionally encountered:

der Friede - peace
der Funke - spark (of fire, electricity)
der Same - seed

but alternative contemporary forms are more common nowadays:

der Frieden
der Funken
der Samen

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