Possessive Pronouns in German

Possessive Pronouns

meiner - mine
deiner - yours
seiner - his, its
ihrer - hers, theirs

are declined as follows:

Masculine Feminine Neuter Plural
Nominative meiner meine meines or meins1 meine
Accusative meinen meine meines or meins1 meine
Genitive meines meiner meines meiner
Dative meinem meiner meinem meinen

1In both written and spoken German, the Neuter Nominative and Accusative Singular is often shortened to meins. Likewise,
deins, seins, ihrs.

unserer - ours
euerer - yours

are declined as follows:

Masculine Feminine Neuter Plural
Nominative unserer unsere unseres unsere
Accusative unseren unsere unseres unsere
Genitive unseres unserer unseres unserer
Dative unserem unserer unserem unseren

-> Alternative (and less commonly used) forms of the possessive pronouns can be found in formal written German,

1.) der meine - mine, der deine - yours, der unsere - ours, etc.

  • In this case, the possessives take weak adjective endings. They can also be capitalized, e.g. der Meine.
  • this construction is more emphatic than the corresponding meiner, deiner, seiner, etc. forms.

2.) der meinige - mine, der deinige - yours, etc.

*This form is encountered even less frequently and is mainly restricted to set phrases.

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