Group I Verbs in Swedish

The vast majority of verbs in Swedish belong to this class.

Active Voice Passive Voice
Infinitive Present Tense Past Tense Supine Imperative Infinitive Present Tense Past Tense Supine Present Participle Past Participle
älska älskar älskade älskat älska älskas älskas älskades älskats älskande älskad

Verbs conjugated like älska (English: love):

döda - to kill
fira - to celebrate
förakta - to despise
hata - to hate
kosta - to cost
låna - to borrow, to loan
lova - to promise
måla - to paint
önska - to wish
sakna - to miss, to lack
segla - to sail
skicka - to send
skydda - to protect
svara - to answer
tala - to speak
vänta på - wait for
visa - to show
viska - to whisper

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