Group I nouns in German

Most nouns in this class are masculine or neuter. There are also two feminine nouns.

Ia.) Nouns in this class have the same form in the singular and the plural.

e.g. (der Engel - angel)

Singular Plural
Nom. Engel Engel
Acc. Engel Engel
Gen. Engels Engel
Dat. Engel Engeln

Other nouns declined in this way:

das Zimmer - room

Ib.) Nouns in this class take an umlaut to form the plural.

e.g. (der Vogel - bird)

Singular Plural
Nom. Vogel Vögel
Acc. Vogel Vögel
Gen. Vogels Vögel
Dat. Vogel Vögeln

Two feminine nouns belong to this class. As always, feminine nouns have no endings in the singular.

e.g. (die Tochter - daughter)

Singular Plural
Nominative Tochter Töchter
Accusative Tochter Töchter
Genitive Tochter Töchter
Dative Tochter Töchtern

Other feminine nouns declined in this way:

die Mutter - mother

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