einer/eine/eines - "one"

pronoun + genitive plural

Masculine Feminine Neuter
Nominative einer eine eines or eins1
Accusative einen eine eines or eins1
Dative einem einer einem

1Typically in the spoken language and in informal writing, eines is shortened to eins for the Neuter Nominative and Accusative Singular.
Note: while genitive forms do exist (Masculine and Neuter - eines and Feminine - einer), they are not commonly used. Typically a construction with von + dative case is used instead.

unstressed negative: keiner/keine/keines (I haven't seen one.)
stressed negative: nicht einer/eine/eines (I haven't seen a single one.)


Einer von beiden kÓ§nnte uns helfen. - One/either of the two could help us.

Keiner von beiden ist gekommen. - Neither of them came.

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