beide - "both"
Singular (Neuter only) Plural
Pronoun Weak Adjective Forms Pronoun
Nominative/Accusative beides beiden beide
Genitive (beides)* beiden beider
Dative beidem beiden beiden


Usage Notes:

-> followed by an adjective with strong endings
-> can also be a pronoun
-> can mean "two" (with reference to people/things)

e.g. Alle beide sind gekommen. = The two of them came.

-> can be used as an adjective (weak endings) corresponds to English "two".

-> with personal pronouns, has strong endings

wir beide

-> neuter "beides" is used collectively to refer to two things [equivalent of English "either"]


in beiden Fӓllen - in either case

An beiden Enden des Ganges hӓngt ein Bild. - At either end of the corridor there is a picture.

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